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Collaboration is a word I hear YouTube creators use all the time. I joined the Traverse Area Camera Club for the opportunity to meet other photographers and perhaps spend some time going out on photo shoots with them. Every time you have a chance to “collaborate” with others in your craft is an opportunity to learn something to better what you do.

Last month I had another photographer I had meet at an event reach out to me. He asked if I would like to go shooting some time. I had to hold back my excitement as he was one who’s work I had been admiring for some time. He has a fantastic eye for landscape and wildlife shots. I often find myself wondering how he was able to capture some of the amazing shots he has on his page. I was going to be able to talk cameras with a master.

When we met up to go shoot at Frankfort Beach I was excited for two reasons. The First, was a stop at Storm Cloud Brewing’s new location for a pint of beer before heading to the beach. The second, was the chance to watch another photographer and how they scope a location for shots I may not see.

What I learned was invaluable. It was not so much about how to take shots or what to look for. It was more about remembering to enjoy the adventure and to enjoy all that is around you and not focus on getting the next great shot. The shot is there! The shot will present itself so be ready to capture it.

Thank you, Chris, for heading out with camera in tow to enjoy what Northern Michigan had to show us.

If you have a chance to look at Chris Cosentino’s work. Check out Black River Photography on Facebook to see some of his shots, they are amazing.

Chris heading for a dune shot

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