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POP-UP Photo Shoots

Last year I started doing what I called "Pop-up" Photo Shoots for two reasons. The First was kind of selfish, I wanted to build my portfolio with quality images and at the same time, make a little money. The Second reason was to provide a quality product for people at a low cost. The concept of a "Pop-up" photo shoot filled both needs.

The turn out was pretty good for the first Shoot. I had approximately 5 groups show up. I was able to capture a lot of quality images. I have seen the images used on their social media pages and those of their families. I was able to make a little money and everyone had a good time.

This year after the Wedding Expo I blocked off a day to provide the opportunity for the visitors of the Expo to have an opportunity to see how well we worked together. I believe that it is crucial that the bride, groom, and photographer click. There is only one person that will spend more time with the couple than the photographer and that is their wedding planer.

I will be opening up the Expo Photo Shoot to the public for free allowing up to 10 groups for each session. Each session will begin and end at Left Foot Charley Winery at the Commons in Traverse City. We will go for a stroll around the grounds of the commons and capture as many images as we can in the time allotted. I will upload all the images with a watermark to an album on Facebook that can be shared on social media. I will also provide two high resolution edited images for each group. There will be an online album created where additional images can be purchased as well as prints.

I am working on revamping the "Pop-up" Photo Shoot for this year. I want to create something even more exciting and a better value for those participating. I hope to have an announcement by the first week in June. Please feel free to email me or message me any ideas you may have for a pop-up shoot.

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